Second Announcement

We are glad to inform you that the conference “Complex Analysis and Related Topics” will take place in Lviv (Ukraine), September 23-28, 2013.

The main organizers of the conference are the Lviv Mathematical Society and
the  Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.

Program Committee:
I.E. Chyzhykov (Lviv, Ukraine), A. Eremenko (West Lafayette, Indiana, USA),
S.Yu.Favorov (Kharkiv, Ukraine), A.P.Grishyn (Kharkiv, Ukraine),
S.Ivashkovych (Lille, France), B.N.Khabibullin (Ufa, Russia),
A.A.Kondratyuk (Lviv, Ukraine), I.Laine (Joensuu, Finland),
K.G. Malyutin (Sumy, Ukraine), I.I.Marchenko (Szczecin, Poland),
W.Plesniak (Cracow, Poland), A.M.Sedletskii (Moscow, Russia),
M.M.Sheremeta (Lviv, Ukraine), I.O.Shevchuk (Kyiv, Ukraine),
O.B.Skaskiv (Lviv, Ukraine, chair), M. Sodin (Tel-Aviv, Israel),
Yu.B.Zelins’kyi (Kyiv, Ukraine).

Local organizing Committee:
I.E. Chyzhykov, A.I.Kurylayk, V.M.Kyrylych, O.B.Skaskiv,
O.M. Sumyk, Yu.S.Trukhan, M.M. Zarichnyi, D.Yu. Zikrach

The following topics will be presented at the conference:
– complex analysis of one variable;
– complex analysis of several  variables;
– complex approximation.

Official languages are: English(preferable), Ukrainian.

The program of the conference consists of plenary lectures and section
talks. The duration will be 45 minutes (plenary lecture) and
15 or 25 minutes (section talk). Please indicate your choice in the
Registration form below. The final list of plenary lectures
will be approved by the Organizing and Program Committee.


If you intend to take part in the conference, please, fill in the registration
form on our site
by July 31, 2013

Conference fee is 180 UAH for participants from the Former Soviet Union countries except present Europian Union Countries, and 80 Eu for other participants, and to be paid upon arrival.

Abstracts of the talks will be published before the beginning of
the conference. Please send your abstract (not  exceeding one page)
as a Latex2e-file  (please, find  a template in abstract.tex below)
to the e-mail address

by  July 31, 2013.

A proceedings volume of the conference will be published. The deadline for contributions
will be announced during the conference.

Please note that some foreigners need a visa to visit Ukraine.
Please contact Ukrainian Embassy in your country for up-to-date

Organizing Committee asks those participants who need official letter of invitation
to inform us about it.


The organizers booked rooms in the following hotels (of various price level):

University Hotel (15 minutes walking distance from the University, near the former Scottish Café),
“Lviv” Hotel,
Hostel “Under Holy Spirit” (15 minutes walking distance from the University, in front of the former Scottish Café),
Hostel “Knyazhyj” (20 minutes by bus and 5 minutes walk);
Hotel “Ekotel” (25 minutes walking distance from the University; available till 12:00 of September 22).

Prices can be found here


By plain:
There is regular air connection between Lviv and
Kyiv (,
Warsaw (, and Frankfurt.
Consider these cities as transit points when looking for
air connection. Please take into account that Lviv and Kyiv may be
spelt also as Lvov (Lwow) and Kiev.

By train:
There is direct train connection with Budapest, Prague, Bratislava,
Warsaw and all major cities of the former Soviet Union. There are
several convenient night trains between Lviv and Kyiv.

By bus:
There are lots of bus routes between Lviv and all major European
cities. Consult your local travel agency to find the best connection.


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%list here necessary packages, for example
\usepackage{amssymb, amsmath}


\title{Title} %title of presentation
\author{A.\ Author}%author's name
{University, City}%author's university
{address@abc} %author's e-mail address

\index{Author A.}%Author A.
\begin{abstract}%abstract text

{\footnotesize \begin{enumerate} \item %references


Further information on the conference will be given in the third announcement.

We shall be  glad to meet you and your colleagues in Lviv.
Please post this announcement at your institution.

Our website is:

Sincerely yours,
Organizing and Program Committee



Contacts Us

Organizing Committee of
the International conference
“Complex Analysis and Related Topics”
in Lviv, 2013
Dept. of Mechanics and Mathematics
Ivan Franko National University of L'viv
1 Universytets'ka Street
79000 Lviv, Ukraine